EXACT_FOLDER scope in /files/v3/files/import-from-url/async is checking ENTIRE_PORTAL


Hello all!

 I'm using EXACT_FOLDER scope in     "/files/v3/files/import-from-url/async"  file endpoint. My file is already present in a different folder. When I try to upload the the file with the different folder_id, it returns me error.





    "status": "error",
    "message": "Source url: https://app.arrivy.com/api/files/AMIfv96b3HDqawHLB4MmPkmw2AkUbP3A4F-_F31wkrtRW7BrrcaXKEbrrRuJofZhgKvkdYm1osVS9R3JHFOu-13LMQxwMVR5e2QhC6A0m9EGBV2NlFrQ4X0Wsxkoa-hP2EnBGSG3KP_8OA1_ALWDtQID3lNBed9-XUixi94vL5GjIJyO41c9MwrosTBVh7h1CQi7y-Y_mq2SGp9lhAcZfNZSGj64uL3GcrSvH6RG6H-277RpGRYVpOCQYXBwfeTeqfHj84Cwxt3Sq2fUz2fVjvvGLM1bdf6lzDyjNBz9QxnMbHsjNsphy1zsAd2KG3Xj7cN-ghPAd9_NkyccQF2w0_aNwqmwz61jBafSpzs0vtakinqCsd2HhSk already exists within given scope at fileId: 58058688318 with strategy to reject",
    "correlationId": "681e8411-7336-4ba0-8048-2ab3c716804d"





Here is my payload for above mentioned endpoint




{"url":"https://app.arrivy.com/api/files/AMIfv96b3HDqawHLB4MmPkmw2AkUbP3A4F-_F31wkrtRW7BrrcaXKEbrrRuJofZhgKvkdYm1osVS9R3JHFOu-13LMQxwMVR5e2QhC6A0m9EGBV2NlFrQ4X0Wsxkoa-hP2EnBGSG3KP_8OA1_ALWDtQID3lNBed9-XUixi94vL5GjIJyO41c9MwrosTBVh7h1CQi7y-Y_mq2SGp9lhAcZfNZSGj64uL3GcrSvH6RG6H-277RpGRYVpOCQYXBwfeTeqfHj84Cwxt3Sq2fUz2fVjvvGLM1bdf6lzDyjNBz9QxnMbHsjNsphy1zsAd2KG3Xj7cN-ghPAd9_NkyccQF2w0_aNwqmwz61jBafSpzs0vtakinqCsd2HhSk","access":"PUBLIC_INDEXABLE","name":"Screenshot 2021-04-06 152035.png","folderId":"55374892212","duplicateValidationStrategy":"REJECT","duplicateValidationScope":"EXACT_FOLDER","overwrite":false}




My file is already present in the folder with folder_id: 58048854125


If my scope is EXACT_FOLDER, shouldn't file be uploaded in the different folder because validation scope is exact_folder means it's checking duplicate files in same folder, not in entire file manager ? But in my scenario it seems like EXACT_FOLDER is playing the role ENTIRE_PORTAL scope.

This was working fine until 18 or 19th of this month.

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Are you still having an issue here?

@himanshurauthan , are you seeing a similar issue?



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Thanks for replying @dennisedson!

If I use same file url with same file name with different folder_id, it returns me error. But on changing file name it gets uploaded. This is not mentioned anywhere in the files API documentation. Is this the expected behaviour ? Because this is not making any senese like your try to upload same file in two different folders with validation of EXACT_FOLDER but you get error in response. Seems like EXACT_FOLDER validation is working for entire portal in case of same file name and same file url.