Dynamically generating landing pages from form submissions


I'm wondering what the best way to achieve the following is: I would like to automatically take submissions from a form and generate landing pages for each submission. These landing pages should allow me to pipe in text from the submissions, and control their location and styling.


By default, each page should be created per submission and assigned its own URL, but would only be activated (such that it can be accessed online) if I manually approve the page.


It seems that the simplest solution would be via the CMS Hub, but it's too cost-prohibitive for this one-off need. Is there a way to achieve what I want using some combination of  Get Submissions for a Form API and custom javascript? 


Thank you

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Hi @DeFilippis 


If you have Marketing Pro you can create a Landing Page with Smart Content and use the values in the form to populate the Landing Page. The Smart Content could use Lists (based on the Form Submission values).


Difficult to give an exact solution without seeing your page design (and content).


Feel free to contact me to discuss.







Thanks, Mike!


Could you clarify what you mean by Lists? I don't see where you would be able to dynamically pipe in form submissions into a page via Smart Content. The link you sent discusses "Smart Rules", but they don't appear to be what I need. 


Just to give you more context. My form is extremely simple -- imagine a few fields with Name, Date, Industry, and so on. I would like a page to automatically be created (it can be any kind of page; a landing page, a blog post, anything...) for every single submission. This page should just be a generic template page where I can pipe in the values from the form in specific locations and apply styling to them.


Is this achievable with Smart Content?