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I am just working with Tickets in HubSpot.

1) I get tickets change-log, select a 'objectId' and show all changes in that ticket.

2) I get the object by ID and look for the properties which are in the change-log. 

I was surprised, the versions part for each property only has one register which is the same as the current value of the object, althouht this property appears many times changed in cahnge-log.

Also, I can't find any timestamp from the change-log in the object by ID record. I believe all timestamp in the change-log for an object should be into the object by ID record in the versions part for each property.

Anyone could answer this? Thanks in advance


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Hi @juanluisrivero,


Take a look at the solution to the thread here: My understanding is that this is still true now. There's no way to get all historical changes of ticket at once. So like Isaac suggested in that thread, you should be periodically polling the endpoint documented here: to find the changed properties. And then using those properties, query the ticket itself: to get the new values, and store those in your external system if you'd like.


Regarding the timestamps, could you give me a ticket to reference and an account ID? Feel free to send it along in a direct message if you'd prefer. I'd just like to match up what you're describing against what I'm seeing in my testing. It does look like there's a slight difference in the timestamps between the change log and the individual ticket's response. At the very least I can try to get some more insight into how that works, to increase confidence in the API.




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