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Double-Opt-In for custom form (WordPress DIVI Theme)

Dear community,


I'm looking for a solution to automatically send double opt-in mails to contacts coming from a custom opt-in form on my website.


I'm using WordPress and the DIVI theme which comes with its own opt-in element - 

Everything working well and my contacts get added to the list but there seems to be no way to link them to the automatic double opt-in functionality in hubspot. 


Has anyone a solution for this? Hubspot support could not help me...


We don't want to go with the hubspot form since it does not fit our CI.


Thanks in advance!



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Mitglied | Gold Partner

Double-Opt-In for custom form (WordPress DIVI Theme)

I assume that DIVI's opt-in form will provide you with some built-in hooks? Attach a function to one of those and push your opt-in form data through to Hubspot via the APIs. You can put this into functions.php in your child theme. You can generate your own plugin if you want this to be portable across different wordpress installations. 


Double-Opt-In for custom form (WordPress DIVI Theme)

Hey @ganjar   


Thank you for reaching out! I'll mention a few experts that can share their knowledge with you!


Hey @btsp @malcolm1  any thoughts about this case?  


Thank you 


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