Does Zapier/HS "Update Deal" Option Create a New Deal?


Hi all - simple questions here:


If Zapier pings HubSpot with an "Update Deal" trigger but does not find a Deal that matches the selected criteria, does it create a NEW Deal with the inputted data?

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @joshdavidking 


This would depend on what Zapier is connecting to HubSpot and how the action was passed to HubSpot. 


If the apps are using our APIs to update and the external App makes a request to update a Deal with an incorrect Deal Id, this will return a 400 error and would not create a new record, but again, this could depend on the setup of the Zap as it could have a fallback call to then create the record. 


I hope this helps!

Matthew Willson

HubSpot Developer Support