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Display CTA as text and CSS

Hi All, we have created CTA buttons as link (no style) and are adding CSS classes to take advantage of our website CSS. Somehow when the button is inserted into the pages, they appear as an image version of the text of the button and not as html/css embeds.


Is that normal behaviour and how can we change things so that the CTA does not appear as an image?


Thanks in advance

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Display CTA as text and CSS

Hi @MDourieu


Thanks for stopping in. That is strange, I can't replicate this on my end either. As long as the Embed Code you use to place your CTA hasn't been altered I would expect the CTA to render as a text link. It's possible that there is a script on your external site that is affected how the CTA is rendered. 

If you can't identify an external script that's causing the issue, could you open a Support Ticket so we can take a look? 


Joe (HubSpot Moderator)