Developer Preview: Conversations Live Chat Widget

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What’s happening?


The Conversations Live Chat Widget API is being released into developer preview. Adding the live chat widget to your pages allows you to engage in conversations directly on your website, and this JavaScript API is intended to give you more control over the widget so that you can provide a more tailored experience for your visitors.


What’s changing?


This API is a brand new release that expands the functionality of our existing live chat widget. Please note that this API is part of our developer preview program, and should be considered as a non-stable release that will be subject to bugs and breaking changes while under development. Please take this into account as you build against a release. For updates on the status of the developer preview, please subscribe to our changelog.


When is this happening?


This is currently live, and available for anyone using the HubSpot Conversations tool. Documentation for this new API is accessible here.


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