Detect Extra Parameter When Generating Authorization Code


I have one common Developer APP and we have automatic process to connect one Dev Account to Multiple sales account
we first generate Authoization Code from OAuth URL and we are pointing our API to RedirectUrl so we will get Authorization Code automatically and we are generating Access Token and Refresh Token.

Here Refresh token will never expire and Access token will expire but can be regenerated by refresh token


Now i want to connect to ABC Sales Account

and if i initate process and click on OAuth URL then it will redirect to Hubspot Sales account and here after Giving Permission then it will generate Authorization code and my API Endpoint is called.

Now my question is in my Endpoint i want to know from where the request is come

Becuase i have domain and if i generate authorization code is there any way to get that domain( from where the request is initiated and so i get Test1.

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HubSpot Employee

Hey @mustansirhaji16,


After granting access to your app, the users will be redirected to the redirect URI that can be set in your app 'Auth' settings. If you'd like the user to be redirected to, you would need to set in the Redirect URL field. Let me know if that answers your query and/or if you'd need any any other clarification.