Deprecation Notice: formInstanceId is no longer required

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What’s happening

When embedding a single form multiple times onto page, you no longer need to specify a formInstanceId. 


If you specify a formInstanceId in the embed code, HubSpot will continue to use that. 


When is this happening

As of today, you no longer need to specify a formInstanceId. 


If you have any questions, please join the discussion here.


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I am not sure if it is related, but all the original form ID use in embed form messed up.


There is a _#hbspt-form-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX tag apend to the end of orignal form id.  This need to be fixed assp, as all our custom css targeting the origanl form id are not working. 

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I think the same issue here. 

We are using the form id tag to find the embedded HubSpot form and to style and include our tracking.

We found out that there is big change at your form id definition because there is not only the ‘#hsForm_[FORM_ID]’ it now contains also a second identifier ‘#hsForm_[FORM_ID]_#hubspotbox-[FORM_ID]’.


Is there a way to solve this issue asap?

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Zack, just chiming in to comfirm this change was a breaking change on our end too.

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Thanks to everyone who reported this to us.  This change has been rolled back to its original state. 


This change was not intended to break anyone's websites and we sincerely apologize that we did.  


When it comes to targeting a form for styling, we strongly recommend you follow the guidelines outlined in this article.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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Just want to mention that we did follow those guidelines. In the past HS has only allowed targeting of a specific form through their `id`. The guidelines show it even as so...


thus for HS to change that randomly, breaks things relaying on that `id`. I suggest HS allow targeting from a class name and/or the data-form-id attribute going forward. Something like this...


The important thing is to pick something and stick with it, and allow your customers time to implement changes due to this deprecation.