Deleting a product - What happen with line items and associated deals?

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Hello everyone,


I have some questions about Hubspot's behavior after deleting a product from the library.

By testing the methods of the V3 API, I was able to create some product line items and associate them with an deal.

But, after deleting one of the products, using the ARCHIVE API (recycle bin) method, I realize that the associations with the deal, through the line item, still remain in the deal interface.


My questions are:

1) Should there be a reference for an associated product that no longer exists?

2) After moving a product to the recycle bin, how long does it remain in the recycle bin before it is physically deleted?

3) What happens to the Hubspot after the product has been permanently deleted?



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Hey @hilton22,


When a product has been deleted, it will not appear in this endpoint CRM API | Products when the GET /crm/v3/objects/products is call. If you'd like to check if a product exist, you can include the `archived` parameter. 


Currently, there isn't a recycle bin to restore product in-app. However, if a product has been accidentally deleted, we may be able to help restore that. 


Hi Wendy


Off the back of this discussion, I was wondering the same thing. What is the best practice for deleting Products from our Products Library, which are associated to Closed Deals?


Will deleting these immediately change the deal structure as well? Is it best to disassociate the product first, from all deals before deleting? Or will nothing happen to the deals (no matter what deal stage they are in?