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Deals with greater than 100 line items

We are using the deals API to create deal line items in batch and it's working wonderfully... that is until we get to a deal with greater than 100 line items. No errors are thrown but the line items don't show up. It's as if HubSpot created an arbitrarily low limit on the number of deal line items. Has anyone else run into this and if so, is there a work around to allow deals with 150, 200 or more line items?  

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Deals with greater than 100 line items

Hi @Kevin_Jorgensen


I have good news, there is a new product update on this:


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[Public Beta] Increasing the limit of line items on deals to 200

May 9, 2023

What is it?

We're increasing the number of line items that can be added to a deal from 100 to 200.


Why does it matter?

We heard feedback that our previous limit of 100 was too restrictive for some of our customers and was preventing from accurately representing their deals in HubSpot.


How does it work?

When working within Deals > Line Items add up to 200 line items per deal.


Who gets it?

All hubs and tiers

Best regards!

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Deals with greater than 100 line items

Hi and thank you. So this is somewhat good news... but it's a band aid. It
seems what HS engineering has responded to is the comment that it was silly
that someone at HS chose a limit of 99 lines for the online deal line items
editor when the quotes could already support 200 lines. That's true. But
both limits are arbitrary and the limit of 200 lines still is a show
stopper for my customers and many others. You can see Salesforce going
through similar customer complaints with its CPQ product... effectively the
same thing as HubSpot's quote generator... Salesforce seems to have finally
caved and has lifted limits on quote line items with the caveat that long
quotes can take a LONG time to generate. If HS is going to set arbitrary
limits on deal line items, it needs to provide a more robust way to create
deals with unlimited numbers of lines (the internal database already
supports this) and create quotes externally and write them back in a deal
such that all the other great properties for quotes e.g. digital sigs etc.
work with the externally created quote.

So partial win, yes. Solution to the real problem. No.

Deals with greater than 100 line items

I'm sorry to hear that you are encountering an issue with creating deal line items in batch using the deals API. It's possible that HubSpot has set a limit on the number of line items that can be created in a single batch request, but I'm not aware of any specific limit on the number of line items.

To troubleshoot this issue, I would recommend checking the response from the API to see if there are any error messages or status codes that indicate a problem with the request. You may also want to try creating the line items in smaller batches (e.g., batches of 50 or 75 line items) to see if that allows you to create more line items in total.

If you continue to have difficulty creating line items in batches, you may want to contact HubSpot support for assistance. They may be able to provide more information about any limitations on the number of line items or suggest alternative approaches for creating a large number of line items.