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Deal merge webhook doesn't work - hs_merged_object_ids

I have registered a subscription on the `hs_merged_object_ids` field in the deal, but Hubspot doesn't trigger event `propertyChange` on this field after the merge action. hs_merged_object_ids is a visible field (I changed this by API). The ability to handle merge action is necessary for many functionalities. Please help me in this case.

hs_merged_object_ids schema:


 "label"=>"Merged object IDs",
  "The list of object IDs that have been merged into this object. This value is automatically set by HubSpot and may not be modified.",
 "modificationMetadata"=>{"archivable"=>true, "readOnlyDefinition"=>true, "readOnlyValue"=>true},



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Community Manager

Deal merge webhook doesn't work - hs_merged_object_ids

Hi, @barteksonarhome Thanks for including those details.


Hey, @Teun and @DanielSanchez do you have any insight for @barteksonarhome


Thank you very much! – Jaycee


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Deal merge webhook doesn't work - hs_merged_object_ids

Hi @Jaycee_Lewis ,


I checked a few posts and also found this idea, but it seems that the property is not begin used anymore (check the first response of the idea).

Post 1
Post 2


@dennisedson did @lynton ever get back to you regarding that subscription?

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