Data submitted through Forms api, but follow up email is not sent to user


We have a hubspot form that was put on a hubspot landing page. 


We needed to do some non hubspot specific things with the data as well, so we  created a .net page on our end and submitted the data through the forms api. 


I had initially followed the .net sample here to set this up:


The information comes into hubspot nicely. 


Recently though, the landing page  was modified.  Within 'Modules' then 'Form', the form option to 'send a follow up email' was checked, along with choosing and setting the email to send in the follow up.  Now, if I fill out the form and submit directly from the hubspot landing page, I receive the follow up email, but if I submit the form from our .net page, I do not  receive the follow up email.   I am not sure what may cause this.  Again, the data comes into hubspot, but the follow up email does not get sent when data is submitted through the api. 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @rygap_hs,


In this case, I'd recommend for you to set up either:


1. A contact-based workflow to send a follow up email > With the enrollment trigger being "Form submissions has filled out {{Form Name}} on Any Page" 




2. Schedule up to three follow up emails on the form 'Follow-up' tab:


As the follow-up email added to a form module will override follow-up email(s) added in the forms tool, I would advise your team to use either of the two options stated above instead of setting the follow-up email to a form module.