Customize body of Webhook POST request

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I appologize in advance that I am not very experienced with Hubspot. 


Is there any way to customize the body of a Webhook http POST request before it is sent?  I would be formatting it for the endpoint that it is POSTed to.  This would eliminate the need for an external integration tool. If not, is there any possible work-around to trigger a parameterized JS function from a workflow; I could construct, format, and make the API call from there.  


I will also say that I don't know if any of the is remotly considered good practice.  I am a consultant and the client want this functionality triggered by a workflow.




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Hey @Chad99099 ,


Using the default Workflow Webhook action, it's not possible to configure the POST body being sent. That action can only send the contact JSON as the POST body. However, Workflow Extensions are capable of sending POST requests that are more configurable. Check out the following docutmentation for more details on workflow extensions: