Custom properties created with API not showing in Deal creation form


When I create custom properties through the API they don't show inside the "Deal" creating form.
I always need to manually set them to appear inside the form (image).
This is something that I can't do for all our customers since they lack the knowledge to do it themselves or I don't have access to their accounts.

Also, please, update those API doc pages, they provide like 10% (if not less) of the useful info that a developer need. Seriously, if they didn't have those "try now" options to do requests inside the page they would be complete garbage.





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Community Manager

Hey @patrickemuller 

Thanks for the feedback.  We are constantly working to make the experience better for the developer. 

As for your question, there is no current endpoint that will do that.  I can easily see the value in it, though and I would not count it out as a possibility.  I would recommend adding this as an idea and linking back here so we can upvote




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