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Custom hubspot properties that use company names as the values

Hi All,


Looking for some support with a custom set of properties. I tried searching the other forums but to no avail.


In my Hubspot I have company types which are clients, prospects and customers.


A client can have many customers and many prospects.


A customer can have many clients.


A prospect can have many clients.


I require a multiple select dropdown called "Client Assignment" for when a customer is assigned to a client(s)




I require a multiple select dropdown called "Interested Clients" for when a prospect is assigned to a client(s)


Both of the above dropdowns must display a list of companies which are labelled as Type "Client".


Lastly, viewing a company which is type

"Client", i need to see the total number of customers being assigned under "Client Assignment" and "Interested Clients" and I'd like to be able to click on these two properties to view the companies.

Any support will be greatly appreciated.





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HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Custom hubspot properties that use company names as the values

Hi @MikeJ1, thanks for reaching out. A couple of things spring to mind here, let's see if they can help you out here.


1. Custom Properties. 


You could create Multiple Checkbox properties for Client Assignment and for Interested Clients. These properties will only ever contain the values that you add to them. So you could add a list of values to each property during the creation process and then continually add to them as needs be. If you wanted to do this in bulk, you could create your properties via API. If you don't have experience working with APIs it would be best to consult a developer on this kind of work. 


Once the properties are created, you'll be able to assign values to your Contacts/Companies etc, report on them, build lists, trigger workflows etc.  


2. Association Labels. 


Another thing you could use Association Label. We introduced these earlier this year to allow for much greater flexibility when defining the relationship between records. For example, you could associate a Contact to a Client and designate that association as 'Client Assignment' etc, but that Contact can have other associations to other records of entirely different types or no type at all. We have a full guide on how you can utilise Association Labels here. 


Let me know what you think. 

Joe (HubSpot Moderator)