Custom field with value of total updates to another field


I have a custom date field, which I am able to update via the API - let's call it field_a.

This works fine. However, I need a custom number field_b to record the number of times field_a has been updated (for the relavent contact).

I looked at but could not find what I needed.

Can you suggest a way to achieve what I need?

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Hi @Jez_D , there's no way to do that in app at the moment, but you could do this with the APIs. You can probably just use the Webhooks API or webhook actions in workflows (if you have a marketing pro or enterprise subscription), to get notifications to your server when a field has been updated on a contact. From there, you could use the ID of the contact given to you to then make a GET request to that contact, find the field that should be incremented by one, then increment it and make a subsequent PUT request to update the contact by ID:


It's a lot of setup and would require a developer if you aren't one yourself, but it's definitely possible.