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Custom Inline Embed Chat - Knowledge Base Links close chat

Hey there!


I am setting up a custom Hubspot Conversations widget using the "inlineEmbedSelector" setting to target my custom container. Everything has been working great until we enabled Knowledge Base search for the chat.


I search for an article, click it, it opens the article in a new tab. When I navigate back to my web app, the chat has disappeared. After inspecting the DOM, I am noticing that all of the chat content that was previously inside of a div with the class "widget-app-container" has been removed, and I cannot seem to get the chat to re-open via the API.


My ideal solution would be that the chat doesn't close at all when a user clicks a knowledge base link (so they are able to maintain their chat context), but if that is not an option, then I would like to know how to observe the correct events to correctly handle closing and/or re-opening the chat in my web app while persisting that users active conversations.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Community Manager

Custom Inline Embed Chat - Knowledge Base Links close chat

@himanshurauthan ,

Any chance you have dealt with something similar?



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Custom Inline Embed Chat - Knowledge Base Links close chat

Hello @dennisedson, thank you for tagging me in.


Hello @EMoore1,


Can you please share the link to the webpage where this chatbot is embedded?



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