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Custom Enumeration Property Not Returning Options

I have tried both of the following endpoints, but the results are the same:





This is the result from the batch read, but the other endpoint shows basically the same, no "options" in the array:




"status": "COMPLETE",
"results": [{
"updatedAt": "2021-03-06T01:02:29.007Z",
"createdAt": "2020-11-06T20:54:53.502Z",
"name": "cdr",
"label": "CDR",
"type": "enumeration",
"fieldType": "select",
"description": "",
"groupName": "companyinformation",
"options": [],
"createdUserId": "10696578",
"updatedUserId": "12396098",
"referencedObjectType": "OWNER",
"displayOrder": -1,
"calculated": false,
"externalOptions": true,
"archived": false,
"hasUniqueValue": false,
"hidden": false,
"showCurrencySymbol": false,
"modificationMetadata": {
"archivable": true,
"readOnlyDefinition": false,
"readOnlyValue": false
"formField": false
"startedAt": "2023-12-09T23:22:09.999Z",
"completedAt": "2023-12-09T23:22:10.003Z"



Now, it's worth noting that the property has around 190 options, but I don't know if that affects the call.


Is there something I'm missing?


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Custom Enumeration Property Not Returning Options

You're facing an issue with the HubSpot API where attempts to retrieve options for a custom enumeration property named "CDR" are resulting in an empty "options" array, despite the property having around 190 options. To address this, first, check for any pagination mechanism in place and ensure you're using the correct API endpoints and parameters by referring to the HubSpot API documentation. Verify the configuration of the "CDR" property in HubSpot and confirm that the options are correctly associated. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to HubSpot support for assistance. For immediate action and further guidance, you can visit this link.


Custom Enumeration Property Not Returning Options

Hey @Wasabi_HS 

Nice to e-meet you! Regarding the above issue, it's honestly a weird one. I don't see the documentation citing that there's a limit to the options too. 

I found this community post here which states that this may be a bug. Strongly recommend that you reach out to Support here to confirm - they definitely should be able to help.


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