Custom Ecommerce Integration

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  1. By using the E-commerce bridge API ( I have done the following steps:

Step 1:
Installed Ecommerce API - /extensions/ecomm/v1/installs

Step 2:
Check Ecommerce Status - /extensions/ecomm/v1/installs/status

Step 3:
I had enabled the property mapping - /extensions/ecomm/v1/settings

Step 4:

Finally by using Sync-Message I was able to populate the data to contact and it got updated successfully. A day after this setup I tried to send the data and it didn't got updated. Actually i got the response as 204, but the data are not populated in hubspot contact section.

I created a new portal and application and tried the same setup which I had mentioned above. This time I tried using google oAuth_(previously I used postman client)_ playground which is mentioned in this article (

Here the problem is:

In my app setting i had selected the following SCOPE:

  1. Basic oAuth Functionality
  2. Access to integration-sync features
  3. e-commerce

Now using google oAuth and using the scope "contacts intergration-sync e-commerce" I tried connecting to hubspot and ended with this error "Request for Integration Permissions Uh oh!
You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator."

If I uncheck the ecommerce in app setting and used only "contacts integration-sync" in oAuth scope I was able to connect successfully. And now on attempting to install the ecommerce api i get this error " "message": "This oauth-token (REDACTED) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [portal-developers-access])", "

We have a paid version of hubspot account. I want to test this setup in the developer account and try to implement the same in our Live Enterprise account.

Please do check and help me out in this issue.

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Hi @immanuel,

Are you trying this installation in a test portal, or in your developer portal? A developer portal doesn't have access to the tools that test/production Marketing/CRM portals do, so you won't be able use any ecommerce APIs with your dev portal. Can you give me the Hub ID of the portal you're trying to install your ecommerce app to? Also side note, you'll need to use your developer hapikey to make requests to change your app settings.

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Thank you for the response.

I am trying this installation in my test portal only. My testing portal HUB ID : 4594085.

Yes I am using the Edit option in the application page to edit the Application setup. Please check the attached scree-shot on app settings.

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Hi @immanuel ,


Setp 3 is not working at my end. Its giving error in response ("MethodNotAllowed").
Could you please help me with this.


CC: @Derek_Gervais 

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Hey @hridayesh ,


Generally, a "Method Not Allowed" error occurs when your request is using a method that the endpoint doesn't support. The "Upsert ecommerce settings" endpoint only supports a PUT request; can you check out that doc and confirm that you're making requests to the correct endpoint & using the correct method?


Also, it's generally best practice to create a new topic for new issues, rather than comment under an old one (in particular, threads older than about a year). The HubSpot product is always evolving, so it's usually unlikely that an issue from a very old thread and a more recent issue are related.