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As anyone developped a good solution to use data from a HubDB table to populate in a CRM record custom card? We have a table with the list of equipment installed at various customers. Some customers have just one, some have dozens. We'd like to have a custom card in the company record that lists all the equipment from that company. Is there an easy way to achieve this using HubSpot tools?

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Hi @coamyot ,

Yes, you can use hubDB for saving purpose.
You have to followed this crm cards documentation very carefully:

Example action code :
app.get('/extension/cards/action-function', function(req, res){
var json = '{
"type": "IFRAME",
"width": 890,
"height": 748,
"uri": " contents",
"label": "Edit",
"associatedObjectProperties": [


Hope this helps!

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