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Creating companies from segment.com calls

Hi. We are using segment.com integration where we want to send our company and user (contacts) data to hubspot. Contact data seem to work ok, but we have some issues with the companies to be created. 


Example of Server side Group call we send:


"userId" => "17141",
"groupId" => "7068",
"traits" => array(
"website" => "http://test.com",
"name" => "test company",



Nothing happens. I then try to debug and get this error


We been trying to follow the docs explained here:


Someone that have any ideas what we are doing wrong? Any more detailed guides or articles on this area?


Thank you

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Creating companies from segment.com calls

We had an issue with the date formatting coming out of our core system being a mismatch to the date format Hubspot will accept.

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Creating companies from segment.com calls

Hey there,

I encountered this error when one of the properties in Hubspot was some kind of enumerable (checkboxes for examples).
Those properties requires a set of predefined values to be defined. If the value you send from Segment is not in this predefined set, you get this error.

I never tried the group call though, so it might be somethings completely different.

Normally, there is a panel in Segment where you can get more details on the error I think (get the actuel response payload of Hubspot). It might be helpful to get the actual reason of the error.



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Creating companies from segment.com calls

Hello @olejnaess 

Welcome to the Community!

@MSanchez was just recently working with a Segment integration and might have some ideas.

@OtavioCapila was kind enough to help him out 😀.  He also may be of some assistance!

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