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Create an extension for contact


I would like to create an extension for HUBSPOT CRM. I just found this page explaining the basics : https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/crm-extensions/crm-extensions-overview#action-types
However with that only ressource, i'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what i should do.

I would like to add a button an a "contact card". I would like this button to open an iframe in wich i would have access to all the contact's informations. The main goal in the end is to export some choosen informations to pdf.

So far, i've tried to create an extension on my account developper.

In that app i've created an extension api called User to PDF.

In this extension, i added a Data Fetch Api url that returns a JSON but, honestly, i'm not sure i understand what i should put in that JSON to tell the extension i want my Export Button.

Also, i'm not so sure neither on how i should do to test my extension...


Any help will be deeply appreciatted 🙂


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Create an extension for contact

Hi @Idmkr , while it's not super straightforward, most of the info can be found on the crm-extensions overview doc. As an example of how this can be done, I have this static page that just has JSON on it. https://obscure-cliffs-47038.herokuapp.com/

To create an iFrame in-app, you can use the actions array inside of the one or more of the objects in the results array to create an action to open up the iframe inside HubSpot. From my gif attached below you will be able to see how this looks inside HubSpot:


crm extensions.gif


Your settings in your developer account would look something like this:




Hope this helps get you on the right track!