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I am looking for a way to create a custom object ( not a property ), something that can represent an entity that has title, label ant text. I think it can be a custom note with a template, but I want it to have it own format


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Hi @itai,

It’s not currently possible to create custom objects that function in the same way as Contacts, Companies, and Deals. When you say that it can be a custom note, are you referring to creating a NOTE engagement on your contact’s timelines with this information? If so, you could use the engagements API (see below) to create custom notes that follow a specific format. If instead you’d like to create a unique timeline event, you can check out the timeline API:

Engagements overview

An overview of engagements and the Engagements API

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Seems this idea is a duplicate of this one, please vote: @TrujayJay , @basil , @ThePaulShin we truly want this feature as you. Any chance you could get some more people to vote for it? I am pushing this idea in the forum to similar conversations.

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I'm so desperate for this feature! We need custom objects so we can capture things like accounts user has with us - very different to companies for a SaaS business. 

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I need this functionality too.