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Hello. I need to create a unique custom property in companies to use as an identifier. This is a number or short string but must be unique. It shouldn´t allow to use the same identifier in different companies. Can this be done?

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@cristianneely Yes it can be done. Go into the settings and you can create one.


Thank you but I dont think it solves my problem. I understand how to create properties. Mu question is if it is possible to make that property unique, like a key


This is in fact possible if you're creating the property via the API:

Just make sure to set the "hasUniqueValue" property to true

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Hi @cristianneely,

HubSpot doesn't support auto-generating properties or properties with particular validation rules. You'd need to create a property for us as a unique ID and then ensure that the property values are unique.


I agree with this request. It's kinda crazy we can't have properties with validation. Uniqueness is one, in particular, that's required for good data management.


Has this been solved since the original post.  I need to do the same thing.  I need to add a custom field and it must be unique, meaning that I cannot allow duplicates.  So the user would get a response that the name is already taken. 





How to handle the caps/no caps issue Salesforce allows uniq user id to have a capitilaization - example 1234f and 1234F are different to SF, hubspot does not allow that, so they see 1234f and 1234F are as the same.

Is there a plan or roadmap for this field? I understand that certain HubSpot-generated properties are unique (email address, company domain), but having the ability to add the same level of validation on custom fields would be extremely useful, particularly when integrating with internal systems. 


We need this feature as well - we are using HubSpot CRM to manage customer records for our customers that use a particular third-party platform.  To be able to use the third-party platform, our customers would need to choose a unique user name when registering for our services - and at the moment there is no option in HubSpot CRM to allow us to ensure that each user name registered is unique.  Ironically, the HubSpot Community has exactly the feature we are looking for where it forces all users commenting and posting on the community to choose a unique username (!!). We need THAT feature for our CRM please.