Create Webhook in Workflow that sets a contact property based on Google Sheets Data

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Hi all - I am fairly new to developing for Hubspot, but I have an idea and basically want to know if it’s possible. Here’s my idea:

Overview: I want a form for someone internal to fill out that updates a numeric contact property. It should be simple: email address and a numeric field.

There needs to be some light calculations, as this contact property will be continually updated (and added to). For example:

Mary Jones buys a product. She spends $100. The sales person fills out the internal form (mentioned above) with her email address and total purchase amount.

Then, I want the numeric contact property to be updated to be 5. (5% of the total purchase amount).

Two months later, Mary buys another product. She spends $50. The sales person again fills out the internal form with her email address and purchase amount of this new purchase.

The numeric contact property should now be 7.5. (5% of the total purchase amount (now $150)).

I know that this is fairly doable with Google Sheets handling the calculations. However, I do not know how to use Webhooks to pass the information to and from, and update the contact property accordingly.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this could be achieved? Can it be?

I really appreciate your responses and any ideas you may have if this can be done differently!!

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Hi @deanp

HubSpot webhooks would only be used to send data to another system, they can’t grab data from another system, so you’d need to have a system in place that could get the data from the form and send it to HubSpot.

If you’re already working with Google Sheets, you could use Zapier to get the data from the sheet into HubSpot.

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Hi @dadams

Thank you for your reply - much appreciated! I think Zapier might be a great way to get it connected and will be giving it a shot shortly.