Create Person Account in Salesforce from Hubspot Contact

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G’Day Hubspot Integrators,

I was hoping for some help with creating Salesforce Person Accounts from Hubspot Contacts. Hubspot says it can be done using their API but I cannot see how this can be done.

I would appreciate some example code or an indication of which method in the API to use.

I am trying to POC something for a potential client (who is a Hubspot customer) and the API Guide and CRM Integration Guide has nothing that jumps out at me.

I’m not the most technical of people, so any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @HeavyBuddha

Creating a person account in Salesforce is not something we’d support natively with our Salesforce Connector, and while it would be possible to do this, you would need a custom integration for that. The HubSpot Salesforce Connector can only create lead or contact records in Salesforce, so if you wanted to use our connector you would need to create the records as leads, and then convert them to a person account.

Does the HubSpot Salesforce Connector work with Person Accounts?

It is possible to sync person accounts to contact records in HubSpot, but HubSpot cannot directly create new person accounts in Salesforce.

If you need to create records directly as person accounts, you would need to build a custom integration. The general idea would be that you’d need to check for recently create records in HubSpot (which you can do through the API, and then when you find a new record that you want to sync, you’d use the Salesforce API to create that person account in Salesforce.

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Thanks David.

I am still in the dark as to how long it takes to build the integration in
Hubspot using the Salesforce API.

I will want to create a Person Account when the Hubspot Contact is created.
Do you have sample code on how to do this?

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