Could we develop user interface (user settings) inside HubSpot?




We want to integrate HubSpot with our pp. Is it possibel to create connection settings(user interface), straight inside HubSpot?

As our app doesn't have the functionality yet to develope it to our side, we need to develop it inside HubSpot. I  this possible to do, or all settings part have to be on our own app side?

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Hi @MarisP 

Apologies for my ignorance, but what is pp?

What type of interfaces are you wanting?  If you could provide more information, we can better assist 😀

@MichaelC , maybe you are seeing something I missed?



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Hey Dennis


Thank you for the replay.

Sorry, I meant *app not pp.


We have an email marketing app for sending newsletters. Very similar to MailChimp. What we want to do with the integration is to sync contacts from HubSpot to our app and maybe even backwards.

We would want to create this integration this way that if a user has an account in HubSpot, then inside that they can navigate to the settings of HubSpot and our app connection settings. Insert our app password, username etc and then connection is made. Then user can map all the data fields they want to send from HubSpot to our app. So all this would be developed straight inside HubSpot. Is this possible to do?




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@MarisP If they have their own HubSpot account this should absolutly be possible using the oauth auth method. Instead of using api keys you will get a uniqe link to grant access for your app to connect to their HubSpot account. They do need to press that link and sign in (and thereby approve the amount of data to share) and then you will be able to do a lot in their HubSpot account (such as reading and creating contacts). More info about oauth here:


I dont know if thats what you need.


More info about user settings and creating users can be found here:



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Thank for the replay. 

Although I quite understand some of the auth side, it is not entirely what I meant.
Could you check this example:

As you can see from 1-3 points then app is developed straight inside of Scoro (only the last view is in MailChimp).

Scoro is a platform and MailChimp has an integration with Scoro built so that the user interface is built inside of Scoro (connection validation, field mapping). Although Scoro doesn't allow others to develop straight inside their platform, so this integration is built by them. What we want to do is to built the same kind of logic inside HubSpot, so we are wondering if you allow this kind of integration?






Hey @MichaelC , have you had time to take a look at it?


Apprichiate your help!