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I've read through a few posts regarding my question, but want to make sure I fully understand.


I'm looking for the best current way to retrieve Notes associated to a contact via the API.


From what I have read, this is the process(es) I have to go through:

  1. Pull a list of engagement ids for that contact with something like crm-associations/v1/associations/{contactId}/HUBSPOT_DEFINED/9?limit=100
  2. Potentially, make additional calls to the Associations endpoint to get all the engagement ids if there are more than 100 associated engagements.
  3. Pull each engagment individually to see if it is a Note (rather than a meeting, or phone call, etc.)

The alternative, I believe, if I just wanted recent Notes would be to

  1. Pull the recent engagements (/engagements/v1/engagements/recent/modified) and process those looking for the specific contact's Id in the engagement's associations.  (i.e. retrieve up to 10K records to get the Notes for a single contact)

Are these the only processes that will allow me to get a contact's associated Note engagements?  Also, is there any way to filter engagements by Type (e.g. by Note)?

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Community Manager

Hi @jbhworks 

Looks like you have a good understanding here.  @RMones , do you have any additional thoughts.

On the filter, there is an idea out there that you can upvote.  I believe this idea has some potential 😀



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