Contact Owner update isn't reflected properly

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Hi all!

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m new in this community and I’m glad to be part of it! I’ve been having some issues related with the Contacts List and the batch API updates.

Basically, for one of my contacts the HubSpot owner update isn’t reflected. I’m using the batch API to update all my contacts. When I send the new owner, that doesn’t get reflected for some reason. Initially I though it was related to a delay in the batch API, but I’ve been waiting for many days and my change doesn’t get reflected.

When I open a contact, the HubSpot owner still is viewed with the old value. Curiously, when I click in the View All Properties button, it redirects me to another page and there I see the updated HubSpot owner (the correct one). So, I’m not sure if that’s an issue in HubSpot UI or what’s going one.

To query the API I’m using the following data:

Relative Path: /contacts/v1/contact/batch/
Properties: a big list, including the property and value for hubspot_owner_id.

Please help! If anyone knows what’s going on or has anything that could help, I would appreciate a lot!


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@jfausd Are you passing in the owner ID to the contact? Can you show me an example of it with screen shots?

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hi @pmanca!

Thanks for helping. Here you have the details of the requests (I only added one contact to the json of the body so it’s more easy to read, but it usually goes with 50 contacts)


{“property”:“firstname”,“value”:“Test Name”},
{“property”:“lastname”,“value”:“Test Last Name”},
{“property”:“company_name”,“value”:“Test Company”},

Also, you’ll find two screenshots attached. The first screenshot shows some information for the hubspot owner (I omitted some data for security reasons). That information is displayed when clicking “View Profile” button.

In the second screenshot you’ll notice that the hubspot owner is different. That information is displayed when clicking the “View All Properties” button.

Hope that helps! Sorry I can’t put more than one screenshot in my posts.

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@jfausd When you click on the See History button do you see both values?

Have you tried contacting support? This might not be an API issue and might be an actual Product issue.

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Hi @pmanca!

Checked the history for that field, as you suggested, and I can see that the property was modified with the proper value using the batch update :slight_smile:. Sadly, the UI from HubSpot still shows the incorrect value in the mentioned screen. I assume it’s not an API issue, but one person from the other community suggested me to check this here too. I’m going to close the issue here, since it’s a UI issue from HubSpot.

Thanks for your help!

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No Problem! Let me know if you have any issues contacting support.