Connecting Hubspot form submission data to Pardot Form Handlers

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Hello, excuse me as I'm not very technical. I'm tasked with currently moving our forms away from iFrame embedded Pardot forms to using Hubspot forms and form styling on the frontend and pushing the field data upon submission to its corresponding form handler in Pardot via a connected API.


Currently I have this form handler code setup in Pardot:


< form action="" method="post” > 
I am now supposed to place it in the corresponding Form Tag in Pardot. My question is, how do I go about doing that? I called HS support and they suggested I post about that in this forum.
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Hi @jspector 


The process is a little bit technical... but you should be fine, here are the steps:

  1. Create the new form in HubSpot
  2. Copy the Form Embed Code
  3. Replace the Paradot code with the Embed Code
  4. Test the form to make sure it works as expected.

Here are the full step-by-step instructions from HubSpot:


Form styling is easy in HubSpot... unless you want to customise the style which is a little bit more advanced.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Thanks for the reply @Mike_Eastwood


I'm sorry I may have mis-communicated what I'm trying to accomplish.


We currently use Pardot for all Marketing Automation, and Hubspot for website hosting and CMS. I'd like to use Hubspot forms/styling on the website, but have all of the field data push to our Pardot system via some sort of connected API or form handler solution.


The flow looks like this:


User enter Hubspot hosted landing page -> User fills in form fields and submits form data on Hubspot hosted form -> Form data is pushed to Pardot to a connected Padot form handler -> lead data appears in Pardot system


My question is how to accomplish this and what work needs to be done.



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Thank you for the clarification @jspector 


The iFrame solution from Paradot is (how shall I say politely?) ugly.


It may be easier to synch the form data (e.g. Contacts) via Zapier (or a similar service).


Can't see anything in the documentation that will let you post to a non-HubSpot URL (e.g. your Paradot form handler).


It's possible to build a HubSpot App to move the data around (suing APIs).


My assumption is - if you have Paradot - you probably don't have access to Workflows (part of HubSpot Marketing Pro).