Connecting Hubspot API to Bloom wordpress Plugin

I would like to use bloom as my email opt-in on my website and connect it directly to one of my email lists within Hubspot
I've created 2 lists, one for my subscriptions and one for my blog, but the lists are not showing up in bloom when I connect Hubspot via the API key. 
Is there a technical reason why the lists are not showing up in Bloom? The connection seems to the there but the lists are not showing. I don't really want to be going down the route of using zapier or Mailchimp as it beats the purpose of HubSpot
Any technical assistance would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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HubSpot Employee

Hey @iankerins,


In order for me to further troubleshoot this, could you share with me the following:


1. The portal ID in question

2. As I have no access to your Bloom's account, could you share a screenshot of the bloom <-> HubSpot setup on your end

3. Are other lists being pulled up?

4. Additionally, could you share with me the documentation in which it state that HubSpot list can be retrieve via the Bloom plugin?


Eu também estava com esse problema... Mas descobrique que funciona com as listas estáticas apenas.


Sugiro você criar uma lista estática e testar, deve funcionar.



I was also having this problem... But I found that it works with static lists only.

I suggest you create a static list and test it, it should work.

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