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ConnectWise ticket sync with Hubspot



What I'm looking to accomplish is that anytime a ticket is created or updated in ConnectWise, I want that ticket to be created or updated accordingly in Hubspot. I've been looking into Data Sync and Programmable Automation, and running into challenges.


The Hubspot ConnectWise integration doesn't appear to have a straightforward "Sync tickets" function; it lists "Companies," "Contacts," and "Opportunities" in the sync menu. I'm unsure if ticket data would be under any of these.


With Programmable Automation, I'm not even sure if that's the right tool to accomplish this either; building a workflow seems to expect some sort of trigger in Hubspot before it does anything, and the lowest scheduled intervals for it to check appears to be "Daily" when I think "Hourly" would work better.


It's entirely possible that I'm looking in the wrong place, or have an incorrect understanding here, so I was just hoping for somebody to point me in the right direction.


Thanks in advance!

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ConnectWise ticket sync with Hubspot

I'm not able to see a way to make this occur within the app so I'm wondering if anyone knows what makes an email engagement get into this state. The `from` and body/html fields are populated as expected so this isn't a case of missing scope.


    "engagement": {
        "id": 1XXXXXXX,
        "portalId": 4XXXXXX,
        "active": true,
        "createdAt": 1XXX455282144,
        "lastUpdated": 1XXX455282144,
        "type": "EMAIL",
        "timestamp": 1XXX455277134,
        "allAccessibleTeamIds": [],
        "bodyPreview": "Some text",
        "queueMembershipIds": [],
        "bodyPreviewIsTruncated": false,
        "bodyPreviewHtml": "<html>\n <head></head>\n <body>\n <div>\n Some text \n </div>\n </body>\n</html>",
        "gdprDeleted": false
    "associations": {
        "contactIds": [
        "companyIds": [
        "dealIds": [
        "ownerIds": [],
        "workflowIds": [],
        "ticketIds": [],
        "contentIds": [],
        "quoteIds": []
    "attachments": [],
    "metadata": {
        "from": {
            "email": "sample@email.com",
            "firstName": "Sample",
            "lastName": "Emailer"
        "to": [],
        "cc": [],
        "bcc": [],
        "sender": {},
        "subject": "Some subject",
        "html": "<div>Some text</div>",
        "emailSendEventId": {},
        "validationSkipped": [],
        "attachedVideoOpened": false,
        "attachedVideoWatched": false,
        "pendingInlineImageIds": []



Any help ?