Connect our WordPress posts/search with HubSpot live chat?


Is it possible to connect WordPress posts/search with HubSpot live chat so that when a user types any keyword in chat popup a list of related article from our WordPress based knowledgebase appears?


I have seen it is possible with HubSpot's default knowledge base. but for that, I need to publish article on HubSpot. 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi, @VarunGoyal.


At this time, the "Knowledge base lookup" action is only compatible with HubSpot knowledge base articles.


That said, you might be able to accomplish this with the "Run a code snippet" action (developer documentation here). You could query a WordPress API like List Posts with Node.js and return relevant results in the live chat with the HubSpot API.


The "Run a code snippet" action requires an Enterprise-level subscription. If you do not have one to test in, spin up a HubSpot test account.

Isaac Takushi

Associate Certification Manager