Cloned Page Cannot Be Published

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Whenever we try to publish a landing page I get an error that it exists already. The page is in draft mode inside Hubspot, but definitely publically available. (


We created the page in the following manner:


  • We use the API to delete the existing page.
  • Next, we clone another page and set a new name, meta description, slug, and HTML title.
  • We then update with 'publish_immediately' = true.
  • Finally, we publish it with 'schedule-publish'. This gives us an error: "A page already exists at ''. To change the URL, please click on the settings tab." 


Has anybody seen this?





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Hi @kalwalkden , the page at is a dynamic hubDB page. The base landing page is 4624555274 which you'll be able to see in the Settings tab it is using hubDB table 'partners' for dynamic pages. The hubDB table's Page Path column consists of fcnewtest.