Changing all GDPR form box texts all at once on forms


Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to change the GDPR form box text in one go for all Hubspot forms, rather than having to change them all manually? 


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Hi @GShiers


Thank you for reaching out!


When you update the GDPR form text in the "Consent Options" tab of your Privacy & Consent Settings, to all new GDPR-enabled forms, pop-up forms, and scheduling pages created moving forward. Any existing forms and pop-up forms will not be automatically updated. You can read more about updating the GDPR text in this knowledge base article.


I can see how this feature would be a time-saver though! I would recommend posting your suggestion to our Ideas Forum. If you do decide to post your request there, feel free to add the link to this conversation so we can upvote your idea 😄