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Catch user creation with Hubspot Tracker

Hi, I want to catch when a user is created in Hubspot by the external form automatically generated by Hubspot, integrated with the tracking code.
In order to add a HubspotId to the user in my application at the same time, and also to add more information about the user.

Today, I've already worked on a user mapping between the existing users in my application, and the users created in Hubspot. It works, but it's quite annoying because it's a service I have to launch often, and my sales team has to wait for my program to launch.

There is a way to have more control about Hubspot Tracking external form, in order to send more data, without running my Hubspot Users Mapping all the time?

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Catch user creation with Hubspot Tracker


This seems like a good opportunity to use webhooks to subscribe to contact creation. 



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