Capturing passwords in a registration page form/landing page

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Are there any good examples or references to using a landing page for account registration purposes, including the creation of a password? Right now I just see text field options and possibly the ability to feed this to a 3rd party system for creating accounts in our SaaS.

I’d like to see if we can get a field linkage for password / confirm password (to validate content matches the 2 feild inputs before accepting the form) and then be able to securely pipe the form metadata to a 3rd party app.

Inputs much appreciated!

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Hi @jmerryman

HubSpot forms cannot be used to capture passwords, as our system cannot be used to store any type of sensitive data. If you have an account registration form, you’d need to use a separate (possibly custom) form, and send the relevant marketing data to HubSpot using the Forms API.

Submit data to a form | HubSpot Forms API

POST Tongueortal_id/:form_guid - Send form submission data to HubSpot. Form submissions from external sources can be made to any registered HubSpot form. You can see a list of forms on your portal by going to...

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@Dadams - not being able to build a signup form in hubspot is a huge oversight. As a SaaS vendor we need to have our users sign up, and create a password in the process. This is one of the most important forms in our processes and we need to be able to take advantage of hubspots A/B testing features in order to optimise.


Why not add a field type "password" to hubspot form fields which:

- entry can be hidden or made visible

- can be processed via api to pass to a third party app

- is NOT STORED in hubspot anywhere.


Please add this to your road map, we have talked to several hubspot partners about this and all agree this is a huge omission on hubspots part.


Thanks for your consideration!