Cannot See Contacts in Test Portal

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Hi, little lost on how the test account works and how to access the correct test portal via API. My firm has been contracted with interfacing our CRM with HubSpot and have just started researching how HubSpot works.

Created a new account for development.
Created a new Application
Then had to create a new Test Portal
Using the API i was successfully able to create a new contact and retrieve the contact list
Not using oauth to authenticate

The contact was added to the initial portal assigned when I created the account, not the test portal I had to create to see contacts. But, I cannot find the contact I added. It’s in the initial portal. When you click on the initial portal you do not get the same menu / tabs as the test portal I had to create.

Hub ID: dev test portal = 2803503 - Cannot see Contacts
Hub ID: new test portal = 2870386 - Contact tab visible but my API calls are using the dev portal

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance…


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Hi @pdjmwj

Are you using the Developer HAPIkey in the dev account for your API calls? That key should only be used for setting up things like the Timeline API and Webhooks API, as the dev account won’t have access to any of the other tools you’d normally see in HubSpot.

If you’re working with a test portal, you’d need to get the API key for that separate portal:

How do I get my HubSpot API key?

Marketing Basic, Professional, and Enterprise customers and portals with a CRM can access the HubSpot API. Learn how to access your HubSpot API key here.