Can the Timeline API be used for "Order history"?


Our company has over a hundred thousand skus, and millions of orders across a few hundred thousand customers. 


HubSpot support generally recommends using the Deals API combined with products to set up order history. This would work if we had a dozen products, but not for this large scale B2C operation.


I'm curious, would it work to use the timeline api to show order history for customers? I'm not sure if it has a limit of additional fields you can attach to it, but it'd be great if we could create events such as "Contact ordered [product name]" with the SKU, language, and product link as attributes for the event. 

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HubSpot Employee

Hey @GiovanniSegar 


This could suffice as a workaround for you. In relation to your specific limitation questions, the Timeline API allows you to create up to 500 properties per timeline event type. 


In this case, if you're creating an event type of Contact ordered [product name] you'd be able to include upto 500 properties for this event type. 


It is worth mentioning the limitation for event types in general for the Developer App, this limitation is up to 750 timeline event types per application.


All the information on our Timeline API is best viewed in our Overview docs here.


I hope this helps!

Matthew Willson

HubSpot Developer Support