Can HubSpot be used as a Blasting Service Only

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Hi, so new here I’m dark green. We are looking into integrating our own CRM with HubSpot to do automated email blasting only. Our own in house application already exist which maintains contacts and builds email campaigns.

HubSpot would be used in an automated service which would need to access HubSpot via API to do the following,
(1) Connect / Authorize to HubSpot, no user interface can be done, assume OAUTH would not work for automation
(2) Get a list of Email from HubSpot
(3) Upload Contacts
(4) Create an Email Blast using the selected email template selected in (2)
(5) Schedule the Blast
(6) Poll for blast results
(7) Pull down unsubscribes from HubSpot

Can HubSpot be used to do this processing? HubSpot will not be interfaced with the UI other than getting email templates that have been built on the site?

What we have been asked to do by our client is to use HubSpot for automated email blasting from our CRM only.

Thanks in advance

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So much interest in my first question. Guess it’s to our account manager

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Hi @pdjmwj

With the exception of using the SMTP API, which would require the Transactional Email add on, most email sent from HubSpot would require the email to be built inside the HubSpot app. It is possible to create an email tempalte through the API, but we don’t have an API to build the email itself, so a user would need to log into HubSpot to use the template to build the actual email.

Also, as far as authorization goes, you would need a user to log into HubSpot in some manner to be able to use the API with the account. Even if you’re not using OAuth, you would need a user to log in to get the API key for the account.

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Thanks you David, much appreciated.

I see references to a USERID also in the API, but I found it optional in my testing so far. Do you need to pass both in a production environment when using the HAPIKEY for authorization

Another question, have not found this yet in the API.

Is there a way to upload a file of contacts to HubSpot via the API? Or do you have to create / update each contact?

Thanks in advance…