Calling a public web service from a form

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I want to setup a form that takes 2 data items, a url and an email address.  I want to click a button and pass those 2 data items to a webservice I have.  Is this possible?


I've seen it's not really possible using a plain form and a Submit button but can be done using an app, workflows and web hooks.  Is there some "how to" or tutorial you have to give me some idea what to do.  I am new to Hubspot but also see that I might need to subscribe to events on Hubspot objects.  Does this mean, I have to add, (say a contact if I use the contact object) to Hubspot?


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Hey @prcknight 


Using our Developer Apps and specifically, the Webhooks does indeed sound like the best idea. Once the App is setup, you can 'listen' or subscribe to particular Property changes and when this event occurs, trigger the webhook to post the data to your Webhook URL.

For a better idea on how to set this up and how it works, take a look at the Webhook docs here


I hope this helps!

Matthew Willson

HubSpot Developer Support