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We love Custom Code actions in Workflows, but have run into growing confusion on our team about what is being done in each action and what workflow is it being done in. In our situation, we are not using the results of the Custom Code Action further down in the Workflows. They are designed to be self-contained to update either default values or associated custom object properties.


I'm trying out a solution where I create "CC" workflows that are only triggered when manually enrolled. HINT:  Accomplished that by having the root trigger action be when Create Date is After Modify Date 🙂


In my workflows, I replaced the Custom Code action with the corresponding Enroll in Workflow action.  This gives the benefit of being able to see exactly what's happening in stead of just "Custom Code"


I'm curious if anyone has tried this before and run into any issues/problems.


Honestly, I would LOVE to see HubSpot provide the ability to create custom modules and use those directly in Workflows!

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Thank you for the feedback and thoughts.  Also, glad you like the tool!

I shared with the team and  they also loved the feedback.  They have been mulling the idea of a re-usable Custom Coded Action.  There is no timeline on if and when it would be added, but good to hear that we are on the same page as you 👍

The closest thing we have for labeling is the comment feature.  Totally understood that this is not perfect.  I anticipate this will evolve over time.

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 2.01.23 PM.png

Keep the feedback coming 😜



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