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Calling API from Hubspot Forms

Hi Support,


I am using Hubspot CRM .


 I have a requirement to send form Data to Club Automation(A CRM Company) and Hubspot. So it means that data goes into 2 systems. What would be best solution among the listed 2 options?


Option 1:

I create a form in Hubspot and then on the Onsubmit CTA, I pass the form parameters to the Club Automation API URL  to insert the data into their system and also insert data into Hubspot as an Contact. 


Option 2:

I create an external asp.net core web form and then on the submit button of that form call the Club automation API and also call the Hubspot API to submit the contact data into Hubspot.


Please advise and also refer links if anybody has done this kind of stuff. 

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Community Manager

Calling API from Hubspot Forms

Hi, @FDX, thanks for reaching out. For either option, can you list the steps you've already tried? For example:

I tried X and expected Y but Z keeps happening. 


Hey, @Teun @nikodev, do you have any thoughts on the dual-submission approach @FDX is describing?


Thank you! — Jaycee


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