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Call Recordings in Salesforce <-> Hubspot Integration

Hi everyone, 


What is the best way to get Hubspot Call Recording voice and videoconference recordings (which are stored in company records) to pass over into Salesforce? 


Has anyone had experience with this? 

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Call Recordings in Salesforce <-> Hubspot Integration

Hey @DiegoARM,


In full transparency this is difficult and not something that the native HubSpot Salesforce Integration supports. There are some options for you to consider but they'd require development to implement.


Option 1: Custom Integration: Create a script leveraging the CRM API to pull the calls from HubSpot and then utilise the Salesforce API to update on the corresponding records.


Option 2: Custom Coded Workflow Actions: Using Operations Hub Professional you could setup scheduled workflows and run a custom coded action daily to sync engagements (Calls with recordings) to Salesforce.


Option 3: IPaaS: Use a low code/no code platform like Make, Tray.io or Workato to pass data back and forth.


If I were you I'd look into Option 2 first as in my opinion it's probably the easiest solution to get up and running with. Either way there are going to be costs associated to each and it's a question of asessing what syncing this data means for your business.

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Call Recordings in Salesforce <-> Hubspot Integration

Hi, @DiegoARM  👋 Thanks for reaching out. Hey, @Ian_Matt @Jnix284 @danmoyle, do you have any experience moving recordings over from HubSpot > SF?


Thank you! — Jaycee


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