CTA view tracking & click tracking


We really dislike the delay that your CTA code has. Our main home page has a hero button that doesn’t load with the rest of the content and although we don’t have data to support it, we believe that some users will scroll past the hero before the CTA has loaded depending on ISP speed. The CTAs we use are all just html a href with some bootstrap button styling attached so we really don’t need much of the functionality your CTA modules bring with them.

  1. Is there a programmatic way that we can trigger a CTA view without actually having to embed the CTA on the page? So if we created a static html version of the CTA can we trigger the view somehow by either embedding a pixel or by making a call to the hubspot javascript that is embedded on each page?

  2. Do the CTA click links change or can we hard code them?

  3. If we can hard code them, which variables are required? We currently see cta_guid, placement_guid, portal_id, redirect_url, hsutk, canon, utm_referrer as the variables. Do any of these change on every page load? (obviously the referring URLs do, ignore those)

  4. Assuming we’re able to do what we want, how is redirect_url encoded? We thought it might be base64 but that does not seem to be the case. We don’t actually care how it’s encoded IF it is static and doesn’t change from page load to page load between different visitors.


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Have you found a solution for it?