CRM cards - Data fetch URL


Converting demo app over to verified domain.

Everything was going fine until I changed the Data fetch URL...



at which point HS stopped hitting my API. (I can enter either into a browser and get back the same JSON.)

{"results":[],"primaryAction":{"type":"IFRAME","width":890,"height":748,"uri":"","label":"New Appointment"}}

Interestingly, the primaryAction will work. (I.E. It points to the same verified domain?)


So, it appears only the Data fetch URL is having a problem.


Also, I did look in Monitoring. I can see both calls. The one works and the other just says "Failure" Both of the GETs look fine.

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Hi @rline ,

Unfortunaly, your link "" is not being worked.
Screen shot ""

Your links should be working stage.

Hope this helps!

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