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CRM Record ID Sequencing and the Search API

Hey all! A teammate and I have been looking into using the Search API to iterate through records in cases where the Export API would be prohibitive.


We're aware of three limits that impact iteration:

  1. Limit of 4 requests/second
  2. Results returned in a single query are limited to 100
  3. Paginating through query results failes once you ask for records past the 10,000th record

These are all fine, but it's #3 that is concerning for our use-case.


However!—we think we can circumvent this limitation if we order by a property and filter for records that come after some sentinel value.



  • We have 20,000 records
  • 10,000 of these are created after December 31st, 2024
  • Therefore we can filter for records created after December 31st, 2024 and use the Search API to query for the remaining 10,000


This mostly works, but there's an edge case where the first records in the second half of those 20k records share the same Created At date. In this case our filter from the example above will cause us to see fewer than the remaining 10,000.


So Created At doesn't work because those values aren't unique.


Object IDs (`hs_object_id`), however, are.


So, reusing the same example, we can order on Object ID and use the final Object ID as the sentinel value for our filter (`%{ propertyName: "hs_object_id", operator: "GT", value: id_of_the_10000th_record }`).


This brings up a question for us about new records:


If we're in the middle of iterating through these records with the Search API, do we have any guarantees that new records will receive an hs_object_id that is greater than the other records of that kind in the CRM?


I'll reframe the question a bit with an example:


  • We are iterating through the CRM's 20k records with the Search API ordering by `hs_object_id ASCENDING`
  • We grab our final batch from the first 10k records
    • The last record has an `hs_object_id` with a value of 10000
  • Meanwhile new records are being created in the CRM by Users and/or other processes
    • A new record gets created with an `hs_object_id` of 9000
  • We use that last record's ID of 10000 to filter for records with IDs greater than this value, continuing to order by `hs_object_id ASCENDING`
  • We never iterate over the new record with `hs_object_id` 9000

Is it possible that we can ever be in this situation with how `hs_object_id`'s are allocated by HubSpot?

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Community Manager

CRM Record ID Sequencing and the Search API

Hey, @Ocean_Lewis 👋 Welcome to our community. Your workaround is quite ingenious. Thank you very much for sharing. I took your main question to the team that owns the CRM endpoints. My gut says you are safe, but I don't have a public document we can lean on for clarity. I'll update here with any details I get for us.


Talk soon! — Jaycee


Jaycee Lewis

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CRM Record ID Sequencing and the Search API

Hi Jaycee! Thanks so much for the warm welcome and your help with this question ☺️