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CRM Panel - No Results - Best Practice?

Hi there


I've made some good progress with a CRM panel integration.  The API endpoint will return useful data if the external system finds a relevant profile to return and show in the CRM panel.


However there are times when no profiles are available. When this happens I am returning

results: [],
actions: []

...but the CRM card is just blank (with my app name on it).


Is it possible to return a message to tell the user there's no matches?  I could return a basic results: [{objectId: -1, title: 'No Results'}] to help communicate this, but wondering if there's a nicer way to support users.

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Community Manager

CRM Panel - No Results - Best Practice?

@Sean_Matthews ,

how do you recommend approaching this?



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CRM Panel - No Results - Best Practice?

@dennisedson @ProspectsIDX 

That's actually all we've come up with, along with doing the same for errors if we want to display an error to a user in a managed way ("No results found, try updating the contact in system X and try again!") or also how we're doing dynamic lookup and feature blocking ("Your user has not been enabled to use this feature by your admin in system X. Please reach out to your admin team and have them enable this for your HubSpot account.")


I personally would love to see a more explicit "errors/alerts" object or something to that effect that we could use, but it's not there at the moment. (@dennisedson I'd throw +2 for that kind of feature, though! Not sure if we've ever mentioned that to the team)