CRM Objects API broken? Returns 404


Hello, I'm trying to query the API to see what objects we currently have but it returns a 404. This is the endpoint I tried (as specified in the docs):




Is this endpoint just down at the moment? I'm able to use the API for object definitions just fine (



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Hi @ALong3,


If you look at the developer docs that you linked the endpoint is actually: /crm/v3/objects/{objectType} not /crm/v3/objects/

What this means is it is expecting the objectType URI parameter. The objectType should be the internal id of the custom object definition, which you can find under "name" from the schemas endpoint. An example call to that endpoint should look something along the lines of:

If you had "houses" as a custom object.

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Hi @ALong3 ,

The api you are using is correct but the address is incomplete:
In this address you need to add the object type that you want to fetch. Default objects are contacts,companies,deals,products,tickets.  So if you want to fetch all objects realted to contacts you can use as follows:

Hope this helps!

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